The 教育署第IX条措施办公室 is now located at 福布斯大街4615号,330室. 美狮贵宾会很高兴回到校园!

从福布斯大街的十字路口 & Morewood Ave, 沿着福布斯大街向西走到克雷格街, you will pass the Tepper School of Business and TCS Hall. 

Our office building, 福布斯大街4615号,330室位于TCS大厅旁边. 如果你去了Chipotle,那就太过分了! 

You will see an exterior staircase leading up to two sets of double doors, 在大楼的顶部. Please use the doors located on the left-hand side of the entrance. Please use the intercom system for access by pressing the call button and dialing 008. Once you enter the lobby, our office suite is located to the right-hand side. Please come in!




Federal Government Reaffirms that “Sex” Includes Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation under Title IX

Title IX is a U.S. civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education.  The 教育署第IX条措施办公室 is responsible for coordinating the University’s effort’s to prevent and effectively respond to sex-based discrimination, 包括性行为.

美狮贵宾会 has long prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity under the University’s 声明的保证.

In 2016, the U.S. 司法部和教育部发布了联合声明 重要的法律指导 [PDF] explaining that Title IX’s prohibitions on discrimination on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the basis of gender identity.  This guidance was rescinded [PDF] 2017年初被特朗普政府否决.  However, individual schools were permitted to continue to define sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity for the purposes of their own anti-discrimination policies, 美狮贵宾会选择做什么.

In June 2021, the U.S. 教育部发布了一份 法律解释通知 [PDF] declaring that, once again, under Federal law, the term “sex” includes sexual orientation and gender identity for the purposes of Title IX.  这一解释遵循了具有里程碑意义的2020年美国.S. 最高法院的决定, Bostock v. Clayton County, which held that LGBTQ people are protected from employment discrimination under the civil rights law known as “Title VII” (which prohibits discrimination in employment based on identity including sex, race, 宗教及民族), as well as President Biden’s January 2021 Executive Order extending the Bostock 对其他联邦法律法规的裁决.


The 教育署第IX条措施办公室 is dedicated to promoting gender equity at 美狮贵宾会, which includes coordinating the University's efforts to prevent and effectively respond to all forms of gender discrimination (including gender identity discrimination) and sexual misconduct impacting community members, 包括性侵犯, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, 约会与家庭暴力, and stalking. 了解更多有关大学的信息 不当性行为临时政策 



Call Us @ (412) 268-7125
Send Us an Email - TIX@jessicafainstein.com
Fill Out a Report Form (not anonymous)
In person - 福布斯大街4615号,3楼330室 (以前GATF建筑)
Report Anonymously @ www.reportit.net 



Complete the Formal Complaint form [PDF]. A Formal Complaint is a signed, 书面或打字文件, requesting that the University initiate a formal investigation into the alleged prohibited misconduct.


The Title IX & 不当性行为资源指南 来教你如何写报告吗, how to find us, how to get help if you have been impacted by sexual misconduct or want to help a friend, how the University responds to sexual misconduct and how we can support you. 要了解更多,请下载 Title IX & 不当性行为资源指南 [pdf].

 Check out additional University resources and important contacts in the CMU Cares 文件夹-帮助学生指南!


美国民权办公室.S. 教育部: If you believe that the school has violated your Title IX rights, you may file a 向OCR投诉.

National Science Foundation's Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI): The office is charged with enforcing Title IX among NSF grantees. To file a complaint, or for more information on Title IX, contact (703) 292-8020,  e-mail programcomplaints@nsf.gov 或填写并提交 this form.


On August 12, 2020, Provost Jim Garrett sent out a campus communication regarding the adoption of an 不当性行为临时政策 to comply with the U.S. 教育部的最终规则第九条. 这项新政策将于2020年8月14日生效.

直至最终规例公布, the University pulled together senior leadership from the Provost’s Office, TIX, Student Affairs, Human Resources and General Counsel’s Office to create a Title IX Steering Committee (“TIX Steering Committee”) to review and revise the university’s sexual misconduct policies. The TIX Steering Committee worked closely with outside experts throughout the summer to create a policy that reflects and maintains the values of CMU, while also meeting the new legal standards of the Final Regulations.  As always, the University remains committed to combatting sexual misconduct and to examining and refining our practices and policies for the benefit of all members of our campus community.

A full review and comment period of the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy will take place throughout the 2020-21 academic year. This process will involve multiple opportunities for community members to provide verbal and written feedback before a Final Policy is adopted. If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone regarding the new policy, 请随时与美狮贵宾会办事处联系.




California Resources

 Sacramento, CA 916.446.2520 

  • Santa Clara – Community Solutions (Community Sexual Assault Crisis Center) ; 加州摩根山邮政信箱546号,邮编95037 
  • Los Angeles - 24小时性侵犯危机热线877-y-helps-u () 
  • 大洛杉矶YWCA, 1020 S. 橄榄街7楼 Los Angeles 90015 


康涅狄格州终止性暴力联盟 East Hartford, CT 860.282.9881 

  • Fairfield - 罗文中心:性侵犯资源 Agency (203) 348-9346; 夏街1111号202室 康涅狄克州斯坦福德城06901 
  • Hartford - 康涅狄格州终止性暴力联盟  ; 96 Pitkin Street, 东哈特福德,CT 06108 

Florida Resources

佛罗里达州反性暴力委员会 Tallahassee, FL 850.297.2000 

  • Miami-Dade - Roxcy 博尔顿强奸治疗中心305-585-强奸(7273) 
  • Broward - 24小时服务热线 Sexual Assault Survivors:  

Illinois Resources

伊利诺斯州反性侵犯联盟 Springfield, IL 217.753.4117 

  • Cook - Community Counseling Centers of Chicago Quetzal Center (888) 293-208; (773) 769-1724; 2525 W. Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60659 
  • DuPage - Mutual Ground, Inc. (630) 897-8383; P.O. 邮编60507,奥罗拉843号包厢 

Maryland Resources

马里兰反性侵犯联盟 Silver Spring, MD 301.328.7023 

  • Montgomery - Victim Assistance & Sexual Assault Program (240) 777-1355, (240) 777-4357; 1马里兰州洛克维尔皮卡德路301号4100室邮编20850 
  • Howard - HopeWorks 霍华德县(410)997-0304,(410)997-2272; 邮编21046,哥伦比亚,帕塔克森森林大道9770号,300室 


Jane Doe Inc. / MCASADV Boston, MA 617.248.0922 

  • Middlesex - 声音反对暴力 (800) 593-1125, (508) 820-0834; South Middlesex Opportunity Council, 7 Bishop Street, Framingham, MA 01702-8313 

New Jersey Resources

新泽西州反性侵犯联盟 Trenton, NJ  

  • Bergen – Healing SPACE () 
  • Middlesex - 米德尔塞克斯县赋权中心 & ; 爱迪生奥克伍德大道29号,NJ-08837 

New York Resources

纽约州反性侵犯联盟 Albany, NY 

  • New York - 纽约市反性侵犯联盟 (212) 229-0345; 32 Broadway Suite 1101, New York, NY 10004 

Ohio Resources

俄亥俄州终止性暴力联盟 Cleveland, OH  

  • 凯霍加-克利夫兰强奸危机中心 (216) 619-6194;欧几里得大道1228号200室 Cleveland, OH 44115 
  • Franklin - The OhioHealth Sexual Assault Response Network (SARNCO) (614) 267-7020 


宾夕法尼亚反强奸联盟 Enola, PA   

  • A阿勒格尼-匹兹堡反强奸行动(PAAR); 宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡市南19街81号,邮编15203 
  • 蒙哥马利-受害者服务中心; 325 Swede St.位于宾夕法尼亚州诺里斯敦2楼,邮编19401

Texas Resources

德州反性侵犯协会 Austin, TX  

  • Harris - The Harris County Precinct 7 Crime Victims Assistance Program (713) 274-3521; 5290格里格斯路,休斯顿,德克萨斯州77021 

Virginia Resources

弗吉尼亚性和家庭暴力行动联盟 Charlottesville, VA  Richmond, VA,  

  • 家庭和性暴力服务,12000政府中心,费尔法克斯,弗吉尼亚州22035 
  • Loudoun - 性侵犯服务,

Washington Resources

华盛顿性侵犯项目联盟 Olympia, WA 360.754.7583